VoIP SIP Trunk Telecom

VoIP SIP Trunks will save you money.

Chances are that your business is already paying for an internet connection. Therefore you can now use a VoIP telecom solution to make calls at a much lower rate. A SIP trunk is the VoIP alternative of the conventional analogue, basic or primary rate telephone service. It caters for a single or multi-line environment and is used together with a Hosted Switchboard or a VoIP PBX. You can connect it to a traditional switchboard with a gateway telecom device.


You have a choice of a minimum of 4 up to 1000 channels. A channel determines the number of parallel telecom lines you can link to a number or numbers, to allow for concurrent calls both incoming and outgoing. This implies that a trunk is ideal for both small and large organisations, even call centres.


Monthly Service Fee:

R100.00 (including VAT) for 4 channels

R25.00 (including VAT) per extra channel


Optional Monthly Service Fee:

R10.00 (including VAT) per additional individual number

R50.00 (including VAT) per block of 10 sequential numbers

R250.00 including VAT) per block of 100 sequential numbers