Call Recording

Recording business calls could benefit and protect your organisation and increase customers satisfaction.

Exceptional client service is the thing that can set one organisation apart from another. Clients want to be heard and understood. Call recording allows you the opportunity to listen to your clients. It’s simple to refer to a call at a later stage if you need to capture missed or forgotten information.


Call recording can also be used as an effective learning tool.
Therefore, by recording calls, you can hear how your team members speak to clients. Additionally, managers can also use recordings to monitor how their teams communicate with existing and potential clients.


Call recording will ensure that your business is compliant with legal and industry-specific legislation. Disputes can be resolved quickly by reviewing call recordings. Plus you might even consider using call recordings as verbal contracts, thus reducing your sales cycle. Call recording is a small and economical way to monitor your business and make improvements.


Service Fee (Monthly):

3 Months – R150 (Including VAT) per 10 extensions per month
6 Months – R250 (Including VAT) per 10 extensions per month
1 Year – R350 (Including VAT) per 10 extensions per month
2 Years – R600 (Including VAT) per 10 extensions per month
5 Years – R800 (Including VAT) per 10 extensions per month