Toll-Free Telephone Numbers

Telephone numbers with an 0800 prefix that are billed for all incoming calls, instead of incurring charges to the originating telephone subscriber.

Toll-free numbers have a 0800 prefix and get billed for all incoming calls. The charge for using a toll-free phone number is paid for by the caller party instead of the calling party. Calls to an 0800 number from a landline or mobile are free of charge.


Your customers might not be enjoying the advantages of low local, national and mobile rates. As a result, an 0800 number could be an indispensable asset to your business.


Customers recognize “0800” numbers as being free to call and will encourage them to call your business.

You will require a reliable internet connection, and a Hosted Switchboard or a VoIP Trunk connected to your existing VoIP PBX.


Monthly Service Fee:
R150.00 (including VAT) for the Toll-Free telephone number.
Incoming calls from South African Fixed numbers: R 0.39 (R 0.34 + VAT) per minute.
Inbound calls from South African Mobile numbers: R 0.69 (R 0.60 + VAT) per minute.
Received calls from International numbers: R 0.39 (R 0.34+VAT) per minute.

Inbound/received calls are billed per second from the first second.